Everyday Moments Part 1

At last! I'm almost done with my 'Everyday Moments' Album... only 2 pages to go. But now, I'll be posting the first half of my album.

Here it is.

Front Cover

These are the moments we look forward in seeing everyday. Moments when both of you share good times with each other just enjoying and having fun together. - Mom & Dad

Everyday Moments No. 1
Wii Time!

During these times, CK was getting high scores in the Wii dance revo, doing really good for a child her age. While Zac, who always looks up and follows whatever his A-Chi is doing, also wants to get into the groove! So, on this photo (which is one of my favorites so far), CK was teaching Zac how to dance using the Wii the dance pad. Ohhh, what a sight!!!

Everyday Moments No. 2
Jollibee After Church

Both of you loved Jollibee so much, not because of their spaghetti, nor of their toys, not even because of their great tasting chicken. But because of their GRAVY! CK would always ask for refills three times! (And the last one is for both of them to take and eat home).

Everyday Moments No. 3
Art Attack

Finger painting is the thing both of you enjoy doing. During this time, CK is getting good on her art works making beautiful creations; while Zac is busy putting paint on his and mom’s face. And at the same time, has developed cert
ain fondness in putting away the paint tubes and other clutter inside the paint box!

Everyday Moments No. 4
Singing Period

Family time for us means playing music, dancing and singing! During this time, Zac became very interested in showcasing the abilities of his vocal chords. Despite the fact that he can't still utter any comprehensible words, this didn't hinder him from letting all of us know of his untapped talent.

Everyday Moments No. 5
Park Day

On this day, we went to Crocolandia. Both of you had fun since you saw many kinds of animals, from crocodiles to snakes, turtles, ostrich and many more! But what made you really excited was when we stumbled upon a talking bird who wouldn't just stop talking!

Please watch out for the second half!!!

Credits: Tutti-Frutti Quick Page Album by Paislee Press & Emily Powers.

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Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous!! I have this album! Now that I've seen your beautiful pages, I'll definitely start on mine. LOL! Thanks for the inspiration!