Everyday Moments (Peek)

I got this really nice quick page with the 4 x 6 size from the Tutti-Frutti Kit by Paislee Press & Emily Powers. Very easy to use and it's really fun to make. Here are the samples.

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Jollibee After Church
Both of you love Jollibee so much,
not because of the spaghetti, nor of their toys,
not even because of their great tasting chicken.
But because of their GRAVY!
CK would often ask for a refill three times!
(The last one is for Zac to take and eat home).

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Arts and Crafts Time
Finger painting is the thing both of you enjoy doing. During this time,
CK is getting good on her art works making beautiful creations;
while Zac is busy putting paint on his and mom’s face. And at the
same time, has developed certain fondness in putting away
the paint tubes and other clutter inside the paint box!


Liz said...

oooooooh, i love these!!! Great photos and journaling!

vinnie said...

I am so loving your style! lovely balanced and elegant layouts! Thanks for sharing :) Keep up the great work!

Shelly said...

Hi Vinnie, thank you for droppin' by. Hope to see you again soon!