Photographing Kids: Top 10 Tips

Taking pictures of kids is easy; but taking good pictures of kids is a different story.  I want to share these tips that I have learned so far:

1. Keep it natural. Portrait photos are nice to look at but what kids do outside of the photo studio is far more interesting. Take pictures of your kids doing everyday stuff - playing in the backyard, eating, napping, studying. These small and usual things they do everyday will make wonderful and lasting memories for them to keep for the rest of their lives.

2. Adjust the speed. Kids are usually active and tend to move a lot. So, adjust the speed of your camera to sports setting. This way, you can capture more of the action and less of those blurry photos.

3. Get down to their level. Photographing kids while standing up makes them look so small and distorted. By getting down to their eye level, you will get the right proportions of their body.

4. Focus on the child. Zoom in or get closer if you must to fill the frame with your subject and eliminate the background. If you have a portrait setting in you camera, use it. This setting will try to blur the background so your photograph will be more centered on your child.

5. Be candid. The best pictures are captured naturally. Don't let your kids know that you are taking pictures. Photograph them in during the time that they are so engrossed with playing with their toys or with other kids.

6. Feature relationship. Take pictures of your child interacting with the most important persons in their lives like parents, grandparents, siblings and friends. Photograph them doing their favorite activities like baking or cooking, playing a video game, reading stories. 

7. Forget that smile. Nothing looks more unnatural than a child who is forced to smile for the camera. And sometimes, the best photograph of you child may not include a smile at all. And for those who want their babies to smile, playing peek-a-boo behind the camera sometimes does the trick!

8. Lighting is everything. Make sure that the natural light is illuminating the child's face. And if you are shooting outdoors, the first and last hours of daylight is usually the best time to capture photographs since it has more warm hues which is flattering to most skin tones.

9. Take note of the background. Clutters in the background are very distracting in a photograph. Make sure to clean up all the clutters. I find it that the best background for your child's  photograph is the playground with all the surrounding colors of grasses, trees and flowers. And plus, your child will enjoy it!

10. Invest in a good camera. My personal suggestion is buying a good DSLR camera. Your kids are only young once. And it is best to preserve good memories by taking good pictures. Remember, you cannot turn back time but photographs are forever. 

That's all for now! Please feel free to leave your own personal tips and advices pertaining this topic. 

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