HOW TO: remove unwanted objects in photographs

Have you ever taken a really nice photograph only to realize later that there are one or two objects in the picture which you don't like? It may be a pimple, a winkle, a clutter in the background or just a hair out of place.

In this tutorial, I will be discussing an easy way to remove those unwanted objects from your photographs using Photoshop (applicable to any version). We will turn this, to this...

1. To start, open the file you want to edit. On this photograph, we would like to remove the hairs which were out of place. (Tip: Before you proceed, make sure to duplicate the original layer)

2. In your TOOL Box, click the Clone Stamp Tool

3. Zoom in as close as possible to the area you want to edit. Then, determine the area you want to copy or clone. In the case of this picture, parts of the child's hair is covering her face which is a bit distracting. And so, we would want to clone her skin in order to cover up the hair.

4. Continue on doing this until you have achieve the result you wanted. (Tip: Lower the opacity and flow of your brush to 50-60%; Make sure to adjust the size of your brush just enough to cover the spot you want to correct.)

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