Those who are close to me knew that I have taken a back seat when it comes to updating my blogsite for almost 2 years. And that is why this post has been long over due, like 5 months overdue! 

Last February, Vancouver BC hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics which brought in so much life to the city in which no one has ever seen before! Crowds gather in the downtown area just to see the games on the big screen, people lining up to see the different pavilions and of course, who could forget the flood of red colors anywhere you look?! 

And for that, I am now sharing with you the album that I have put together honoring this unforgettable event.

And here's more:


idealgirl said...

Super galing Shell! :) love how you played with the red color! :).. and your kids gid ya are so cute and adorable! :)

Kate said...

always loved this album!

Shelly said...

Thanks Trace... just doing what I love - tinkering with photoshop... lol

Shelly said...

Thanks Kate-- this is one of my favorites too!