HOW TO: make one color stand out in your black & white photos

This is probably one of my most favorite trick in editing photos. Not only that it makes an object in your photo stand out; but also, it usually raises curiosity among your friends with them saying, "how did you do that?" Actually, this tutorial was requested by my SIL, Kate, who has been my huge inspiration to start blogging again and so I dedicate this to her.

Making one color stand out in your black and white photos is easier than you think it is. Here is the preview of what we are going to do.

1. Open your COLORED photo in photoshop.

2. Duplicate the original layer.

3. Select the duplicated layer, then click Image > Adjustments > Desaturate. This will turn your duplicated layer into black and white. 

4. On this picture, I would only like the red in the Canadian flag to stand out. And so, on the black and white duplicated layer, I would select ONLY the area within the flag. You can do this by selecting the PEN tool. Then click on the corners of the flag or on the areas where you want the color to be visible (this may sometimes take a lot of clicking depending on the object you want to select). Zoom into your photo if you must to get the precise area that you want.

5. Once you are done selecting, a shape layer would appear. 

6. Go to PATHS (if you don't see this, go to Window then select Paths).With your shape vector mask selected, click on the "Load Path as a Selection" (see below). Then you would notice that your selected area looks like it has been surrounded by marching ants.

7. Go back to LAYERS tab. Delete the Shape layer.
8.  Go to Select > Feather. Set feather radius to 5. Then hit delete.

And viola! 

For more samples, please check out my post: RED

Thanks for droppin' by and have a good week ahead!!!


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Thanks for the great tutorial Shelly!

I'm always looking for new ways to achieve the same effect and this is simple, to-the-point, and easy to remember!

Have an AMAZING week!

Linda :D

Shelly said...

Thanks Linda! It is such an honor to have you here.

Take care,

LifeAsDinkers said...

hi shelly, thanks for a very simple tutorial...hope to try this out soon!

Shelly said...

No worries, Ava... let me know how it worked for you.

LifeAsDinkers said...

it worked pretty well, Shell! thanks again!