Hello World

'Hello World' ... I remember my professor in C Programming telling us that this is the first line transmitted via the internet. Well, anyway, I'm not here to talk about the internet nor about the world... as what my blog name indicates, this is about the story of our family and the miracles that happen each day of our lives that we are really thankful for...

Right now, this is us saying, 'Hello world... this is our life'


Freethinker said...

World to BFF Shelly:

Hello, indeed. :-)

Welcome to the blogging world, She! Great to have you here! Mwah! Keep writing. Keep scrapping! :-) Impressive layouts btw, for a newbie. I love the grandma page! :-)

Shelly said...

Hi She, thanks for visiting and for you kind words. Take care of yourself gurl!