A Different Experience

Just last month, we had our daughter attend McDonald's Kiddie Crew workshop. As expected, she really enjoyed the experience. It had me thinking that kids today in the Philippines are really lucky to have these new opportunities presented to them early on in life. Looking back, my husband and I are not exposed to these kinds of things when we were six years old. On those olden days, most especially if you are living in a Philippine province, you are just contended on playing street games, dolls and watching 2 or 3 TV channels (which signs on late in the morning and goes off air early at night!)

Times are really changing...

Anyway, here are the pages I made for my daughter on her Kiddie Crew workshop.

Click Image to See Larger Preview

Click Image to See Larger Preview

Spring Magic Kit by Anna Forrest;

Funky Flower Stickers by Misty Cato Designs

The road to self discovery has never been easy...

But who says it can't be fun too?!

It was just by accident that Mommy and Daddy discovered that there was a Kiddie Crew Workshop at McDonald's Escario (Cebu). We immediately inquired as to how you can join the said workshop because we know that you will be thrilled to be involved in one. But unfortunately, the manager told us that they have already started training their last batch for the summer the day before. We asked them if it was possible if you could join them the following day just to catch up... we even told them that we are more than willing to pay for the whole amount of the 5-day workshop even if you will only be attending the remaining 3 days and... it was a good thing that we got them to agree... yippee!!!

The Kiddie Crew workshop was a wonderful experience for you... you had lectures as to your duties and responsibilities as a kiddie crew, lobby duties which includes cleaning and sanitizing the tables and chairs, greeting the customers and many more. But it was not really all that work for you... you also played games, did some art works and had lots of fun with the other kiddie crew members. And you kept on telling us that you really enjoyed the experience.

You have learned a lot from this workshop since you were able to experience and learn a lot of new things about working, responsibility and team work. And the best of all (aside from the free McDonald's food & toys!!!) was that you had gained a lot of new friends and discovered that everybody is unique and has different talents to share.

And of course, throughout this whole experience, Mom, Dad & Baby Z have always been there to celebrate your success as a person... We truly share your joy in discovering your new self and that you can do more than what you can ever imagine if you just put your heart into it.

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