That Mighty Bond

How do exactly people make it through life without a sister?

Actually, I don't even know how I did... lol

That special bond between brothers and sisters never cease to amaze me... maybe because knowing that I will never get to experien
ce first hand how it would really feel to have that one great relationship. And maybe it is probably better that way since it was the way my life was designed ever since... to be an only child.

BUT God has His reason and have been very very kind to me. Instead of giving me one sister, He gave me two sisters-in-law who are very kind and loving as a real sister could be. Like what I kep
t on telling myself and my husband, that if God did not give you something you hoped for, He will definitely give you what you truly deserve and more... I maybe an only child but I know I am not alone because to these two beautiful persons.

And for that, here is my husband, my sis-in-law Kate and their amazing bonding moment... Cheers!

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(Papers & Doodle Flower) by Summer Driggs
(Note Pad) by Strawberry Wine Designs
(Doodle) by Scrap & Compagnie
(WordArt) by Laurie Garza

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