Kids will always have ways to get away from things... I guess that is in their nature to be just soooo adorable... adorable enough to test your patience sometimes... But kids will be kids.

For parents like us, discipline is important. But we must not also forget that it is also important for us to give them happy childhood memories to look back to. For when it's their turn to be parents, since Parenting 101 will not be taught in schools, they will always try to recall their childhood experiences as well their parents as a reference on how they should act as father or mother themselves.

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You are 19 months old on this picture and we are just hanging around at the garden of Water Front Hotel (Cebu) after enjoying a brief dip in the pool. You are just having fun running around like there is no tomorrow! You run and run… and when you look back at us, you love it even some more to see mommy and daddy running and out-of-breath chasing after you. You giggle and laugh and laugh and giggle some more. Often times, you stumble and fall on the grass but you don’t mind at all. I guess, I might say that you handled yourself pretty well. There were moments when mommy wants to scold you because you want to climb the steps going to the hotel lobby by yourself! But I simply can’t. And when you flash to us that boyish grin... it just just melts my heart away.

Credits to Susan Bohanon (Alpha Brush)

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