DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING: 9 reasons why i love it

After my tutorials about organizing your digital photos in  Get Sorted: Tips on how to Organize your Digital Photos and Get Sorted 2: Programs to help you Organize your Digital Photos for Free, now you might think what are you going to do with these tons of photos sitting in your computer. My answer is simple: Try Scrapbooking. 

You may want to go for the traditional scrapbooking - paper and scissors; or, you may opt to go for digital scrapbooking. Personally, I did choose digital scrapbooking and here are my reasons:

1. Making a mistake is a thing of the past. If you don't like your layout, crop the picture the wrong way, place your embellishments somewhere it shouldn't be, made a mistake in your journaling... not to worry, there is always the undo button! 

2. No space, no worries. It is true that hobbies may sometimes take a lot of space in the house and traditional scrapbooking is no different. You need a place to store your papers, embellishments and etc. With digi-scrapbooking, all you need is a computer and a place to sit; and probably a space for a printer and scanner (for old photos). (Tip: Personally, I don't print my digi-scrapbooking layouts at home but rather, I would go to Walmart or any photo printing center and have it printed there. Printer inks cost a fortune these days! And if you want to make a photobook, I would recommend this site But of course, there are a lot of businesses too that offer these kinds of services).

3. No mess. No need to clean up after.

4. Copy-all-you-want. You can make a lot of copies with your single layout unlike traditional scrapbooking when your are just limited to one. And it is just so precious that you are so hesitant to let just anybody touch it.

5. Share-all-you-want. You can post it on your online gallery, facebook, blog or share it in twitter or email or print  and send it to your family and friends. With today's technology, there are just a lot of options.

6. Awesome graphic effects. Armed with the right software, you have endless possibilities in editing your photos and layouts to your heart's content. You can smoothen skin, remove unwanted objects, change color to black and white, crop, adjust the lighting and etc. You may do all these things without altering the original photo.

7. Traditional + Digital = Hybrid. If you are still torn between the traditional and digital, you may want to go for hybrid scrapbooking. You may print your digital layout first then add traditional embellishments later; thus, achieving that "pop-out" or 3D effect on your finish product.

8. Cost less. With digi-scrapbooking, you don't have to spend a lot of money buying tools, papers and embellishments in which you can only use once. Whereas, you can buy digital kits online and you can use them over and over again. If you want to save more, try searching online for some digital scrapbooking freebies. There are also a lot of sites that lets you download a program for digital scrapbooking for free. But if you are serious about this hobby, try investing in a good scrapbooking program.

9. Less Time. Since digital scrapbooking is all done in your computer, all you need to do is click and drag objects here and there. No more cutting, gluing, punching. There are also a lot of quickpages available online where all you have to do is insert your photos and your done!

Happy digital scrapping everyone!!!


LifeAsDinkers said...

hi shelly! when i started with SB, i didnt even know about digital SB! but i just knew i couldnt bear to cut up the precious papers and elements locally available, so i would scan every embelly and paper so i could reuse them on my computer as often as i wanted! hooray for all the freebies out there indeed! love, love, love digi-scrapping!

Shelly said...

LifeAsDinkers, I am glad you really love digi-SB. I wish I could see your online gallery as I don't think I can access it through your website.

LifeAsDinkers said...

hello again! im new to everything here(blogging and digi-digiscrappin) so iv sooo much to learn. i dunno how to make an online gallery, so i just post my pages on fb. if i follow you on the networkedblogs, will you then be able to visit my FB? i would love to be your friend there too Shel, :) and im tickled pink that you're the 1st "follower" of my newborn blog,lol!