MASKING IT: photoshop tutorial on how to use clipping masks

I love to play around with pictures, manipulating them to see how they can make my digital scrapbooking layout more fun and interesting. And one of my favorite things to do in photoshop is the CLIPPING MASK. There are two benefits in using the clipping mask. First, it is one of the most effective way in hiding portions of images without altering them directly. Second, you can easily move the photo around the mask to get the look that you desire. To start:

1. Open the photo and one of the masks from MaskingIT Freebie in Photoshop.
2. Go to File > New to create a new file. Drag and drop the photo and the mask on to this new file.

3. Right click on the layer with your photo in it. Then hit CREATE CLIPPING MASK. And this is what your final image should look like.

Click here to download MaskingIT freebie.

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